Don't Forget About Your Pets in the Festival Season

During the holidays we are inclined to forget that our pets are part of the family. If you get stressed running around at this time of year, well think about your four-legged family members.

It can be difficult for them to understand all this excitement and action taking place. You understand it and your kids understand, but try explaining it to your dog or cat.

Abandoning Is Never the Answer

Many people get pets and find out they were more trouble than they had imagined. Education and full awareness is necessary before committing to pet ownership.

Cat and Human - A Bond for Life

Cats have a close relationship with humans and consider their owner a kind of cat mother. After all, her husband feeds her, strokes her, plays with them and cares for her well-being - just like a mother. However, cats are often not only fixated on one person, but also like life in a big family. Children love cats.