The word insurance is one of those words that just makes you cringe. Next to putting gas in your car it seems like the biggest expense you have and there is just so much that you need.

The process of taping the German Shepherd's ear - helping these puppy ears to stand up rigidly

Taping the German Shepherd's Ear is something that many German Shepherd puppy owners do not take seriously until it's too late. German Shepherd puppy ears can get up on their own between 8 weeks and 6 months. Banding a puppy's ear is often an important procedure in the development of the German Shepherd puppy ears set.

Is it suitable to have both animals in your household?

Increasingly, people are keeping a few chickens in their gardens. This is likely down

to the attraction of having a supply of free range eggs, but many of us find that we become fond of our chickens, which become part of the family. What if your family already contains a cat, or cats, though? Are cats and chickens a good combination? The answer to this question depends very much on the cats (and, to a lesser extent, the chickens) involved.