Farm animals are also good companions. To adopt if you have a little space.

You must choose according to your possibilities. Animals have always lived near humans. Used for rent, horses, pigs, goats, chickens ... can also become excellent companions, just like a dog or a cat. The whole thing is to choose the species according to its affinities, of the time and the ground which one has.

  •  Donkey or pony:

In addition to the horse, whose qualities are rediscovered, for ploughing in the vineyards, for example, the Equidae have a place of choice in the rural bestiary. With less than 1 meter at the withers, the Shetland pony is the ideal partner for youngsters. From 2 to 3 years old, the child can learn to ride and learn to take care of his horse: caresses, care, walks under parental supervision, contact is very rewarding. Rustic, the animal feeds mainly on hay, supplemented, in winter, with pellets or cereals. A plot of 3,000 m2 and a wooden shelter to house it is enough for its maintenance. The donkey, him, Poitou or Normandy grey donkey, requires a little more space - from 4,000 to 5,000 square meters - and fingering to cope with his character ... If you want to harness, ask a professional advice because it cannot be improvised. The website lists the professionals. It supports the cold, protected by its hairs pushed on purpose, but it must be preserved from moisture.

Beware, pony and donkey dread loneliness: the ideal is to provide a companion. Getting them used to seeing the world is the best way to contribute to their balance.

In terms of education, be firm but never violent, and do not underestimate their dangerousness - a bite or a kick quickly arrived!

  • A goat or a sheep?

If you have a few thousand square meters difficult to mow, a goat will be your ally, especially if you adopt some congeners!Gregarious animal, the goat loves company, it will follow you everywhere.The dwarf breed (from 50 cm) grows up and tames easily.An enclosure is however necessary to avoid runaways and damage to the garden!Nice, but males feel a little strong, so it is more reasonable to have them neutered.

  • Pig?

Even disadvantage if you choose a pig, with which the cohabitation remains besides difficult; the sow has better character.Very intelligent, the pig can behave like a dog and nothing prevents you to take advantage of his legendary sense of smell to make him search the undergrowth in search of the black pearl!Less cumbersome, dwarf hens seduce with their bright colors and their astonishing look.They fly very well, which allows them to escape foxes, stray dogs and other weasels. Not as stupid as it sounds, these hens are endearing.With them, the impregnation makes sense: hatching an egg before hatching connects you to the young bird for life!