Abandoning Is Never the Answer

Many people get pets and find out they were more trouble than they had imagined. Education and full awareness is necessary before committing to pet ownership.

Your commitment
You do realize it is a commitment? It is an obligation that should never be taken in the spur of the moment, because that cute little dog or cat, soon grows up to be an adult. If that little dog becomes a very large dog it could be more than you really had envisioned. And now you don’t want it, this is not at all fair to the animal.

The truth about shelters
There are far too many unwanted pets going to shelters every year. If you take an unwanted pet to a shelter unless it is a “no kill” shelter it will probably be a very sad situation. This is why it is fundamental that you plan and prepare before buying a pet for your family. It is a commitment for their whole life.

dog shelter 


My advice would be that you must wait until you are 100% you can afford to own an animal and maintain its lifestyle. Definitely do not think about rushing into buying lots of pets at once, especially if it is your first time owning one.

If you are already an owner/pet parent and are debating breeding your animals then you must also think about this carefully. If you cannot sell all the litter or pups would you be able to keep all the babies at home? Regardless of their numbers!

With today’s economy one should be very conscious of the fact that their job is not stable, so acquiring new pets should also be with the mind that what happens if I have no income. You don’t abandon your children and neither should you abandon your pets.

kittens abandoned

Alternatives for homeless pets

So what if you do find yourself with no more income and house in foreclosure. First you need to make sure your pet is well trained if it is a dog. It will be more likely to be welcomed into a temporary home. This should be the way you go into this.

Sometimes you can rent homes or apartments where for a small fee they will accept a pet. But if your situation does not put you in a position to rent such property, you can look at alternatives.

Do you have a family member or a friend that could temporarily house your pet for a fee. Maybe you could buy the pet food for both your animals and theirs. You should never expect someone else to take over your responsibility for your pets.

Another solution is to take your pet to a “no kill” shelter. But the chances of getting in is getting harder and harder as people have had to also do this over the past few years in record number. Maybe your chances might be better if you were to volunteer to help at the animal shelter.

Not a good solution

Some folks think that just dumping unwanted pets off in other neighborhoods is a solution. I love cats but I will not bring in any abandoned cats into my home and the main reason is I don’t know if they will make my indoor cats sick.

You may think cats can survive quite well on their own. They are not able to hunt unless they were taught how to hunt and how to kill prey. That mouse is supposed to be captured, killed and eaten. Indoor only cats have no idea how to do that. Really!

Animals that have been provided for all their lives with food and water are going to have an extremely hard time surviving without the help of humans.



Give your pet the best life possible and love it unconditionally!